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by Banili on August 7, 2013

www.88sears.com is a SHC (Sears Holdings Corporation) proprietary website, where SHC and SHO employees/associates can access certain types of information. It is, at its core, the 88 Sears HR (Human Resource) site. As such, it is a site on which the said people can access information pertaining to their employment. The information that is meant to be accessed on this site is that which would, under the traditional way of doing things, have necessitated a visit to the Human Resources or personnel offices.

Accessing www.88sears.com

The easiest way for you to access www.88sears.com as a SHC/SHO employee or any other interested party would be by entering the website address into your browser and clicking on the ‘enter’ button. It surely shouldn’t be too hard for you to remember the address ‘88sears.com.’

An alternative way of accessing www.88sears.com is through a search engine. That is like where, for instance, you can run a search for a term like ‘SHC HR’ or ‘SHC Human Resource’ or ’88Sears Human Resources’ and so on. Of course, different search engines are likely to give different results for this sort of a search. That is especially the case given the fact that these sorts of web pages are not normally heavily optimized, being as they are, web pages meant for specific organizations’ employees — as opposed to the general public.

Major sections at www.88sears.com

The major sections at 88sears.com include:

  • The benefits section: this is where the targeted employees can find information on various benefits available for them, and also access the forms to apply for the respective benefits.
  • The compensation section: this is where the targeted employees can find information pertaining to their paychecks – for instance, their payroll calendars and resources for filing taxes (W2s).
  • The diversity section: this is a section for associate networks, and also where one can undertake verification of employment, besides finding information on the company’s diversity.
  • The performance section: this is where the targeted employees can find information on maters to do with performance evaluation and retention.
  • The learning section: this has information on and links to training resources.
  • The talent acquisition section: this is the section dealing with recruitment, and information (and other resources) for new employees.
  • The resources section: this is where the targeted employees can access various forms, and information pertaining to procedures and policies.

Types of links at www.88sears.com

As you browse through 88sears.com (at this page), you will notice that there are two types of links:

  • Links marked by a single arrow: these can only be followed by people using computers on the Sears Holdings network.
  • Links marked by double arrows: these can be followed remotely, by people who are not necessarily using computers on the Sears Holdings network.

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