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by Banili on March 18, 2014

What functions can be performed at www.88sears.com?

Some of the major functions that can be performed at www.88sears.com include:

  • The research function: here, we use the word ‘research’ in its broadest sense (as a reference to any search for information). www.88sears.com is an information packed portal, where you can find information on practically all aspects of SHC/SHO human resource matters. That includes information on the benefits available to SHC/SHO employees, information on SHO/SHC compensation arrangements, information on SHC/SHO talent acquisition routines, training and so on.
  • The form filling function: there are many forms, pertaining to the things done by the SHO/SHC human resource department, which can be accessed and filled at www.88sears.com.

Who is likely to find www.88sears.com useful?

Some of the people who are likely to find www.88sears.com useful include:

  • Employees of SHC/SHO: these can find information on their paychecks on the site. They can also find information on their other benefits, their performance evaluation, their training and so much more on the site. Newly hired employees also get orientation information on the site.
  • Folks interested in working for SHC/SHO: these can find how (at a general level) the compensation at SHC/SHO is like, what the benefits are like, how the policies are like… and so on. This sort of information can help them in making the decision on whether SHC/SHO is the right sort of employer for them to associate with.
  • Folks in the SHC/SHO HR department: these can find, at 88sears.com, answers to the questions they get from the people who visit their department.

Can www.88sears.com be used outside the SHC computer network?

Some parts of the site 88sears.com can only be accessed inside in SHC computer network. Others can be accessed remotely. Where there are lists of links, those that can be accessed remotely are marked by double arrows, whereas those that can only be accessed inside the computer network are marked by a single arrow.

Where can one find assistance to use the www.88sears.com site features?

Right at the top of the page (88sears.com), there is a number given where one can call if they happen to have difficulties. It is very prominent, on a light green banner near the top right corner. There is also a ‘help’ link at the top, though this seems to be one of those bits of the site that can only be accessed on computers that are in the SHC computer network.

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