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by Banili on August 6, 2013

It would appear, going by Google’s ‘auto-complete’ suggestions, that a considerable number of people carries out online searches on ‘www.88sears.com/careers.’ Presumably, even more people enter the webpage address www.88sears.com/careers into their browsers, in a bid to access the SHC recruitment portal directly. The truth of the matter is, however, that entering www.88sears.com/careers into your browser’s address bar is likely to give you an error. So the question comes up, as to how you can access the SHC/SHO internal recruitment/careers page.Accessing the www.88sears.com careers page

If you are keen on accessing the SHC recruitment/careers portal, you first need to load the SHC/SHO Human Resource (HR) homepage, at www.88sears.com. Once there, you’ll notice a section (right on the home page) labeled ‘talent acquisition.’ That is the section you need to focus on. Notice that if you are not on the SHC network, and you click on the main ‘talent acquisition’ link, which is highlighted in some color, you won’t be able to go any further, as such links are apparently only active on the SHC network computers. But the sub-links under it are accessible remotely (even from outside the network).

Thus, for instance, if you want to search the internal job postings, you only need to click on the link labeled ‘search internal job postings’ and you will be taken to the relevant pages.

Resources you can access on the www.88sears.com careers section

The resources that you can access on the www.88sears.com careers section include:

  • Job postings: here, we are looking at the internal job postings. We are also looking at the referral program, as well as what the company refers to as the ‘internal talent gateway.’
  • Information on hiring policies: this is available alongside the postings (and on other sections of the site). Talking of information, there is also much that is meant for new employees/associates of SHC/SHO.
  • I-9 processing resources: these are available in both English and Spanish.
  • Forms: here, we are looking at the likes of form 8850, among others.

Things you can do on the www.88sears.com careers section

Some of the things you can do at www.88sears.com careers section include:

  • Searching for jobs: these can be positions advertised internally, positions under the referrals program, the internal talent gateway… and so on.
  • Applying for jobs: there is a subsection labeled ‘candidate forms’ that may be useful to you in this regard.
  • Initiating I-9 processing: this is something you get to do under the ‘associate I-9 processing’ subsection.

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