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by Banili on August 6, 2013

Many of the people who make a visit to the SHC Human Resources (HR) portal at www.88sears.com turn out to be SHC/SHO employees/associates interested in accessing information pertaining to their worker benefits. They subsequently tend to be inclined to simply enter the website address www.88sears.com/benefits into their browsers, or to run searches for the same (www.88sears.com/benefits) on search engines. The truth of the matter is, however, that you are likely to get an error, if you try to enter the address www.88sears.com/benefits into your browser’s window directly. This is because, apparently, that is not the right approach to use if you wish to access the SHC employee benefits section.

The right way to access resources on employee benefits at www.88sears.com

The right way to access resources on employee benefits at www.88sears.com is by first loading the SHO Human Resource homepage (which is 88sears.com), and having done so, click on the link labeled ‘benefits.’

It is also worth noting that right at the homepage, there are links to the pages where you can find information on specific benefits. So, for instance, if you are interested in the medical benefits, you will notice that under the main ‘benefits’ section at the center of the page, there is a link specifically to the ‘medical benefits.’ You can opt to make use of such links, in order to find the information or resources (like benefit application forms) that you are interested in more expediently.

The specific types of benefits at www.88sears.com

There are many types of benefits you can find information on, as well as other resources (like the relevant application forms). Those include:

  • Health benefits: here we are looking at things like the main health covers, prescription drugs programs, the dental cover and so on.
  • Welfare benefits: here we are looking at the likes of the long term disability benefits
  • Discount benefits: these are available to SHC’s employees and associates
  • Retirement benefits: these include the pensions
  • Financial benefits: these include the  savings plans and the stock purchase plans

Types of benefits-related resources accessible at www.88sears.com

Some of the major types of benefits-related resources accessible at www.88sears.com include:

  • Benefits information: there is comprehensive information on the various benefits, who qualifies for them, how to take advantage of them… and so on. You just need to click on the link to the relevant benefit, to access information on it.
  • Benefits application forms: the method to access these is similar to the method to access the benefits information – you just click on the relevant links, at 88sears.com.

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