Two Books to Help You With Career Planning and Career Development

by Banili on October 31, 2014

One thing that you can’t afford to get wrong is career choice. If you get your career choice wrong, then you will probably have consigned yourself to a lifetime of misery. Worse still, if you get your career choice wrong, you will have greatly reduced your chances of success in other areas of life. To help people who are grappling with this highly sensitive issue of career choice, a number of books about career planning and career development have been written. And if you make an effort to read through these books and to act on the practical and objective pieces of advice given in them, there is a very high probability that you will end up making the right career choice. Two remarkable books that can help you in that regard are:

Richard L Knowdell’s “Building a Career Development Program: Nine Steps for Effective Implementation”

This is one book that takes a highly objective approach to career planning and development. The information is distilled into nine steps that are not only logical, but also very easy to remember and apply once you internalize them. Also remarkable about this book is the fact that it provides many tools and models that you can actually use in order to end up your with own (fully personalized) career development program. Thus, this book doesn’t provide you with a career development program created by someone else – as many of the other books on this subject purport to do. What this book does instead is to provide you with the tools and models that you can use to create your own career development program. You surely can’t go wrong with such a fully personalized career development program. The author of this book, a highly acclaimed career development expert with an international reputation, is someone you can take seriously in these matters.

Richard L Knowdell’s “Building a career development program: nine steps for effective implementation is available from the Amazon bookstore.

Career Development & Planning: A Comprehensive Approach by Robert C Reardon, Janet G Lenz and 2 others

As the title suggests, the main strength in this career development and planning book is in its comprehensiveness. Simply put, this is one of the most comprehensive texts on the subject of career planning and development. It deals with every aspect of career planning and development. Both the people who are directly involved in their own career development and the experts who help other people (clients) with career development will find this book to be highly useful. Besides being very comprehensive, another lovely thing about this book is its readability. And the fact that it is a book written by a panel of outstanding experts in the subject of career development means that every bit of information in it is credible.

Career Development and Planning: A Comprehensive Approach by Robert C Reardon, Janet G Lenz is available from the Amazon.

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